Tuesday, April 03, 2012

For keeps

This girl loves everything vintage. 

People tell me that CHANGE IS THE ONLY THING CONSTANT IN THIS WORLD. And yes, I do agree. Many factors contribute to this change. It may be internal, or something within us. It may also be external, or the outside forces which we usually can't control. What affects us the most? That I cannot answer. People vary. And so do the extent of influence other people have on them. 

I, for one, is not afraid of accepting changes. I just don't know if the changes I keep on accepting are the right ones. I don't want to make mistakes, but I still do. That's life. Take it, or leave it. But before I completely change, there is one thing I wish.

I wish to keep that vintage loving girl on that photo.

Blogging about this will surely be useful. Someday. And when that time comes, I hope realization would hit me twice as hard as Pacman hits his opponents in boxing.