Friday, May 25, 2012

I Heart You

Ever felt alone? Sad? Lonely?
Well, I surely did. 
You know that feeling when you're trying your best just to keep the day happy 
then someone or something will just ruin it? It sucks right? Too bad we can't do anything about it. 

Good thing there are places built to keep our cool. 
Such as this haven :)

Yes, McDonald's is such a memorable place to me <3

I'm a little weight conscious, but I really like to pig out on this two. 
Burgers and fries are like my favorite pig out fast food since time immemorial! 

Some of my guilty pleasures, I guess :))))

There are a lot of other tasty foods out there (let's admit it kiddos), but because Mcdo is so close to our homes and schools, it will also be close to our hearts and tummies.

I will always have a special room inside my heart for MCDONALD'S. 
Not just because of the food.

It's because thousands of sad and happy moments were shared here.
Kaya nga, LOVE KO TO! 


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