Thursday, December 27, 2012

Swallow your pride, Woman!


It is a word that contains a handful of meanings. It can mean something positive to one, and completely negative to the other. How you look at it, matters.

Life is such a whirlwind at times. Situations, events, and moments happen very quickly, and are very difficult to control. One moment passes another one without us noticing such. Whatever situation passes us, difficult or not, we will always have our pride within us.

The “pride” that I’m talking about is that feeling of satisfaction, and sense of respect that you have for yourself. Let that lurk deep in our hearts and soul for we need to have that inner belief about our self and our capabilities. Love yourself, so that you may be able to spread such to others.

Too much is never enough.

On the other hand, too much pride will never be enough. There are some moments that we need to reconsider. Sometimes, there’s a feeling within us that makes us think that we are better and more important than other people. “Pride” will never be valuable enough if we use it negatively. That superior feeling we have must not be allowed to swallow the depths of our hearts.
And for that, I always make a note to myself.

Swallow your pride, woman!

It’s hard, for we always think that our pride will only be the thing that we’ll give ourselves after some troubles and insults in life. It’s a combat between our ego, and some force that makes us think otherwise.

May the best man win? On this case, may the best decision win.
Take a moment first to reflect before making decisions. Remember that the triumphant one should be the most applicable one to use. May “pride” in that sense be something more useful for us to spread the love we have, and not to overpower people with superiority. May we learn when to say, “Swallow your pride, woman!” and when not to.

Whatever it is, I’m a woman. I have pride.

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